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Realty Expertise representation is FREE when you buy a brand new construction home but we must accompany you on the first visit of the model homes.
We also have access to all new construction communities for sale
in the Las Vegas Valley.

Most individuals think when dealing with new builder’s sales agents on their own will save them money by not hiring a buyer’s agent, when in actuality will cost the individuals more. Builder’s sales agents, on normal, would be paid less than a traditional sales commission.  Therefore they will use any high intensity tactics to persuade any buyer to sign any contract that is lace with salary plus incentives for the builder’s sales agent.

Realty Expertise is here for YOU! We will negotiate and do everything we can to get you the best possible price for any brand new construction home. We will represent you and disclose any negatives and positives facts about the transaction process when buying a brand new construction home. This is another reason you should consider Realty Expertise to represent you when buying a new construction home, builder’s sales agents will not discuss any drawbacks about any of the brand new construction homes, as it should affect their bottom line in commission.

Let Realty Expertise represent you when buying a brand new construction home!


Please contact Realty Expertise for further details about Brand New Homes via;
Phone: 702.373.7565 or Email:

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